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ActiveNoise Support

We're really all about support. If you have a problem, a request for improval for any of our produts, or a question of any kind, read this page and that's why we are used to supporting our customers with hands on tips, tricks, and problem solving. There are several ways to reach us, as listed below. And as always, Contact us »

How to set up the device?

This here is an example of a simple setup:
​In this setup to cancel out noised from an elementary school across the street.
Activenoise Example setup

How do I get started?

You should start by checking the frequently asked questions.
​Maybe your questions are answered there.
We are constantly adding new instruction videos to our Youtube channel. Some of them may be a bit too detailed if you are just getting started, so we have created direct links to a few to get you started faster.

More! More!

If you've already bought an activeNoise product, and need more info, please go to our Youtube channel and search for the topic you need info about.

Am I really the first to encounter this issue?

Probably not. If you want to find an answer to an issue you are facing, why not start by searching our support forum? There is also a section where you can leave ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Let's talk!

An excellent way to reach us, is to chat with us. :-)
We try to be online as much as possible, but should you happen to try and catch us when we're offline working on the next amazing release, then just leave a message, and we'll make sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Remote assistance where ever you are!

Teamviewer is a fantastic free tool that lets us help you remotely wherever you might be in the world.
As long as your machine has internet access, we can take over and help you with your installation, or user issues.
Please go to Teamviewer to download the free client application, and provide us with the ID number and password in a support request. It really is that easy!