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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We're really all about support. If you have a problem, a request for improval for any of our products, or a question of any kind, read this page and that's why we are used to supporting our customers with hands on tips, tricks, and problem solving.
There are several ways to reach us, as listed below. And as always,
contact us, if you have a question that is not listed below ».

Read the answers to frequently asked questions

How do the products from ActiveNoise work?

We describe the theory behind noise cancellation here.

How many units do i need?

You can answer this for two product lines:

1) product with built in microphones/speakers

How many units you need basically depends on two factors:
1) How diverse is the noise? This means is the source of the sound located on one spot or coming from multiple directions and heigts. The more diverse the sources are, the more devices you need.
2) The type of products. As you can see in our products listing, we offer devices that have 2, 4, 6 and 8 speakers. The number of speakers per device determines how many you need.

2) product with separate microphone and speakers (like AN-RG-LN3)

Each device supports one microphone and up to 5 speakers (if you use both the tulip and jack connectors)
It is recommended you cover only about 3 to 4 metres (12 feet) with each device, this is because the dicrectional microphone can only catch noises from a very narrow source point.

Please contact us if you need help on your descision how many you should order.

What differences are there between the indoor and outdoor versions

The indoor version is NOT watertight, the outdoor is. Basically this is the only important difference.

Please contact us if you need help on your descision how many you should order.

What kind of control do i have

Each device has controls for the amplitude of the sound (how strong the noise cancelling is)

An on/off switch.

Some have a configuration screen. See our products listing

Is it true that i dont hear anything after i switch on the ActiveNoise device

NO! Noises usually come to your ear from many different angles. Especially if you are in a building, such as a house or office.
Only noises coming from a specific source are cancelled out and only if the speakers are aimed the correct way.

Does ActiveNoise provide remote control?

No. See our products listing

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. But shipping costs depend on the country we have to ship to.
See the list shipping costs

Country / Region Shipping fee Carrier
Netherlands 12,99 Euro PostNL
Belgium / Germany 15,51 Euro UPS
Europe 19,95 Euro UPS
USA / Canada 25,45 $ US UPS
Asia 25,45 Euro UPS
The rest of the world 25,45 Euro Euro UPS

What is the return policy?

You may -by EU law-, return any good undamaged and in the original package up to 30 days.The money will be refunded as soon as we received the returned good.

What is the delivery time?

Normally we ship the day after receiving the money. However, sometimes, because of supply chain difficulties, this can take a maximum of 5 working days.

we always provide a shipping track & trace that we got from our shipping company

Can i get one for free for e.g. a study, commercial opportunity

No! You buy them. Just like you must do with any other electronic product.

How about warrenty?

If your ActiveNoise product is not functioning, you can send it (at your own costs) back to our factory.
We will repair or replace your device, so you can use it once again.
This warrenty is only valid if the device is not damaged and has not been openend. Opening our device voids all warrenty!!

Why don't you offer a device with Bluetooth speaker connection

We get this question often: Bluetooth typically has a lag time of between 500 and 1500 milliseconds. Far too slow to be used for effective noisecancelling.