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The solution to your noise problems!

Indoor and outdoor Noise Cancellation products

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(a typical ActiveNoise product can achieve round 10dB of noise reduction)
  • Versitile solution for all your noise problems

  • Easy installation! 

  • Plug & play! Connect the speakers, aim microphone and speakers

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What is ActiveNoise

We offer unique, turnkey products, for active noise cancellation.

Be amazed by the possiblities of our noise cancellation products. Simply place one of our devices between you and the source of the noise and let our device lower the noise.

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Indoor, outdoor

We offer noise cancellation for indoor and outdoor. Our indoor product is ideal for office environments. Our outdoor product line can be incorporated in fences, highway soundwalls, etcetera. Interested? Request a demo here

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We're really all about support. We help you choose the best noise cancellation product. Check this page for technical support..

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The answer is ActiveNoise!

Our AN-100 device creates a sound wall, cancelling out noises coming from one direction to the place where you and your family are.

Interested? See this product in our store or look at some videos about it.

Our AN-RG-LN2 device lets you connect your own speakers and microphone (or the devices we provide). Aim the mic and point the speakers and cancel out noises!

Interested? See this product in our store or look at some videos about it.